Posts made in May 2017

Our One Price Philosophy

Ever been to a store where everything is “on sale”? 20% 40% 70% off? Off what? How did they pick the price to discount from? Can a store really afford to offer a discount off a fair price and still pay their rent and employees?? It seems suspicious, doesn’t it? At Continental Jewelers, we don’t inflate prices in order to offer a discount. Ever. We price our beautiful jewelry competitively. We don’t use a false high price to negotiate with our clients. We believe in being fair and honest, and telling you a phony price just to give you a discount isn’t honest.
How do you know Continental’s prices are the same as everyone else’s discounted prices?
Because we shop around before we price! We comparison shop at stores and online. We know what things should sell for, quality for quality. This is important. We are often asked to verify purchases made elsewhere. Time and time again, the quality isn’t the same as what was represented to the purchaser. And the price paid is usually correct for the lower quality. No bargain was had. Not understanding quality can hamper comparison shopping.
But you like hearing you got a discount!
Doesn’t everyone? But do you like feeling that someone else might get a better deal? You’ll never know. And how do you know you are paying a fair price and not more than you should?
We’ve built our business on our One Price Philosophy. We’re proud to be fair and honest with our prices. You can relax when you shop with us knowing you won’t have to work to get a fabulous value for our beautiful jewelry!