Posts made in August 2020

Our COVID-19 Evolution, Part 3

Well hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to find time to write! Since we reopened in May, a few things have changed as we’ve found new ways of working. Many things are still the same, though: We’re still open by appointment only, we’re still wearing masks, and we’re still being very careful to be safe and healthy!

We’re definitely back in our groove! Back to repairing and restoring all your meaningful jewelry. Back to celebrating your anniversaries and birthdays and all the family holidays we’re used to being a part of. Back to redesigning and working on creative custom pieces (actually, we’re doing a lot of this!). It feels fun again!

So what happens when you’re ready to come visit us? Please call, text or email us first! We’ll schedule a specific time for you to come in. Give us a few days notice-although we can try to get you in the same day, we’re often booked at least a day or two in advance. Let us know the reason for your visit so we can allow enough time to help you appropriately and sanitize before and after. We’re still sanitizing everything in between clients so you can feel comfortable here!

When you arrive for your appointment, come right to the door, but it will be locked so we can limit the number of people in the store. We’ll be watching for you, but feel free to knock. We’ll let you in as soon as we can.

Some updates on our services: We are able to change watch batteries while you wait now. Our repair work is taking about two weeks, though more complicated work could take longer. Unfortunately, not everything in our jewelry world is back to normal yet; manufacturing and special orders are slower and packages are not always arriving as scheduled. But overall, the craziness is settling down. We so appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding!

We do hope you will come visit soon. Your occasions and celebrations are why we love coming to work every day. Reach out to us with any questions you might have!

Hugs (the virtual kind),