Diamond Security

We offer a service we call “Jewel Care” in which we encourage clients to stop in every six months to let us check their frequently worn jewelry (especially rings) for wear.  We go over each prong under magnification to make sure it is tight over the diamond (or gemstone) and has enough metal to hold up under normal wearing conditions.  After a thorough inspection, we put the jewelry through a “spa” treatment, cleaning away dirt that dulls its sparkle.  Depending on the condition when the jewelry was brought in, we may check it again after cleaning, to confirm that all gems are nice and secure.  If requested, we’ll check the security of connections and clasps on pendants and bracelets that are worn regularly as well.  Although we can’t guarantee our “Jewel Care” process will absolutely prevent loss, an observation of worn prongs or loose gems can be a forewarning of needed maintenance.  We offer this service at no charge, and will send a reminder postcard every six months as well.  Take a look below at examples of the wear and/or poor setting we look for:

FB Bad Prongs

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