Shopping for a Diamond Online


Many people believe that they can buy a diamond cheaper online than in a retail store.  I find that interesting because if we want to sell diamonds, and we do, we have to be competitively priced.  We regularly compare a variety of sources, from the big internet retailers to smaller lesser known sites.  We compare quality.  We make sure we are making an apples to apples comparison.  I think this is where the online consumer gets misled.  When you start price comparing the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of a diamond, you will find a wide range of pricing, sometimes as much as an $8000 range.  Why? Two diamonds can have the same quality grade but be priced differently for a variety of reasons.  It could be because of the nature and placement of the internal characteristics which make up the clarity grade. The plot diagram you see with the grading report is one dimensional and typically does not show all the internal characteristics, just the grade defining ones.  What grading reports are those grades based on?  There are two widely respected labs (AGS and GIA) and a host of lesser respected labs.  If you don’t have accurate grades, the comparisons won’t work.


As for the cut quality, not all diamonds with excellent symmetry and polish are alike.  There are other proportion factors to consider.  The proportions influence price based on preferred demand in the marketplace.  The market actually varies within these details.  62% table?  A little outside the preferred ideal cut quality.  Probably priced less because it’s not as desired.  Still pretty but tighter proportions are more valued.  So are you getting a bargain?  No, it’s cheaper because it’s valued less in the marketplace.  Is that bad?  Not necessarily.  But you can’t compare it to a 55% table percentage.  You can’t just compare the table percentage.  The other proportions combine with it to tell a cut quality story.  And some of those combinations are more valued than others.


Here’s my point…We know we are priced competitively to online sources for the same quality. However, because we understand these distinctions we are better able to make these comparisons and explain why the values can vary.  This is not car shopping where you are comparing two of the same make and models from different dealerships.  Diamonds (and snowflakes) are natural and unique and not easily compared by grading report alone.  We scrutinize carefully.  We can physically show you the differences so you can determine what’s important to you, while staying in budget.


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