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Jewelry Travel Tips!

Posted by Chrysa Cohen on

Are you traveling? Of course we want to take our favorite jewelry on all our adventures! But travel can be rough on jewelry, so here are a few tips to make sure everyone comes home safe and sound!



Chemicals are hard on all types of jewelry. It’s best to just not wear your jewelry when swimming in pools, but at the very least make sure to give it a thorough rinse to remove chlorine and sunscreen. Both can cause pitting and discoloration, which can be permanent.






Your fingers may shrink in cooler water, so your rings may slide off more easily.  There are many wedding bands deep down in the sand near the shore. I know because clients come in to order new ones every summer.  :(







Biking, backpacking, and kayaking can all be hard on our rings. So can lifting weights, walking the dog, and gardening! We are more active now than ever, and our rings show it. They can become bent even when we carry heavy luggage. Being aware is your first line of defense. Consider wearing “travel rings” that aren’t sentimental if you are going to be particularly active!







If you decide to take off your jewelry, don’t wad it up in a tissue! Put it in an identifiable pouch you won’t accidently throw away. Keep pouches in your pool bag, beach bag, or fanny pack for just this purpose. 








Going on a longer trip so you want to take a variety of jewelry with you? Use a jewelry roll or small travel jewelry box to keep organized.







Keep your chains clasped to help prevent knots and tangles! Put pieces in small individual plastic zip bags so they don’t scratch each other.






With a little thought, your jewelry can have a wonderful adventure too!

See you soon!