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Jewelry Memory Journal


Jewelry always has a story.  How was it acquired? When? What were the circumstances?  Was it a gift?  What was the occasion?  We spend lots of time helping people sort through jewelry that has been left to them and there are always so many unanswered questions!  We think it's a great idea to document the stories that surround the jewelry in your family.  How did your dad ask your mom to marry him? Where did the necklace come from that your grandmother wears all the time?  These stories are family history!  

We've created a Jewelry Memory Journal page, shown below, which you can use on your computer.  Make a file for Family History.  Use the template below to copy and paste into a document to store there.  As you acquire jewelry, note the when and why.  Take pictures of the jewelry being worn!  We've included some questions to get you started.  And as you spend time with family, especially the older generation, ask some questions about the jewelry they wear.   Take a picture of the jewelry, the person wearing it, and write down those stories! I promise you, you will be glad you did!  Now you have an excuse to have your phone at the table!

If you have acquired jewelry and know a bit of the story, take a picture of it and get the story into your Jewelry Memory Journal.  Even if you don't know the whole story, it's a piece to the puzzle. 

Jewelry is just one part of your Family History, but the stories will tell of engagements, weddings, babies and many celebrations.  Now there is your family history!

What is it? 

Who does it belong to? 

Who else owned it? 

When was it acquired? 

How was it acquired?  Self-purchase?  A gift?  A family piece?   

What was the occasion? 

How was it obtained or given? 

Notable things or stories about it:


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